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Handheld XRF Spectrometry
   S1 TITAN for your sample quickly and accurately complete the element analysis in the design of. Regardless of needs analysis of large machining parts, toys for children or small pieces of jewelry, S1 TITAN can rapidly and accurately as you get results. Using a gun shaped handle and a trigger switch of the human engineering design, very suitable for long time use you. Color touch control type liquid crystal screen can be clearly displayed in any light. The S1 TITAN weighs only 1.5kg, tube XRF analyzer is currently on the market most light.
   Using (aim - emission) S1 TITAN analyzer design, only need to set the minimum level and operation training. With user level and executive level operation authority, competent can use basic operator control function or complete, two level operation authority and intuitive interface, so that the S1 TITAN not only become the perfect tool for beginners, but also very suitable for advanced use of personnel
   Because XRF uses non destructive techniques, so it is very suitable for analysis and finishing feeding, finished products and production parts. Application of S1 TITAN is not restricted to the clean production of parts; scrap metal finishing, geochemical test and soil test are also in the application of S1 TITAN. The application list are calibrated in different ways, without any calibration mode conforms to your application, we can build a calibration mode exclusive for your application.
Application field:
Material reliability identification (PMI)
Metal waste sorting
Precious metal detection
Soil, mining exploration
ROHS (material) screening
Industry application:
Casting die casting
Pressure vessel
Pipe fitting
Non ferrous metal
Ferrous metal
Aircraft manufacturing
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