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The ALL-IN-ONE Drug discovery liquid handling device.

The 3DDiscovery® instrument is a multi-functional liquid handling device responding to today's requirements of 2D/3D Drug Discovery/Toxicology screening applications. The 3DDiscovery® instrument is both a powerful FLUID DISPENSER addressing today's industrial needs, as well as a three-dimensional BIOPRINTER responding to the upcoming challenges facing the pharmaceutical, biotech and clinical research organizations.

3D Bio-Printers

3D bioprinting, is a powerful fabrication technology, used to create three-dimensional cellular constructs which biomimics complex biological functionalities found in native tissues and organs.

The bioprinting manufacturing technology combined with smart biomaterials, stem cells, growth and differentiation factors, and biomimetic environments have created unique opportunities to fabricate tissues in the laboratory from combinations of engineered extracellular matrices (scaffolds), cells, and biologically active molecules.

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