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Handheld Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (HH-LIBS)
HH-LIBS technology allows for incredibly FAST analysis of alloy grade ID and chemistry; especially for light element alloys containing Li, Mg, Al or Si. Compared to handheld XRF, light element analysis with the EOS is approximately 10x faster.Over the course of a day, this can easily save you time and money.

Being fast is only part of the equation. The EOS will give you accurate and repeatable results that you can count on.In addition, user-friendly data transfer will allow you to easily create custom reports.

Physics indicates that HH-LIBS and HH-XRF are naturally complementary and each technique is preferred to measure certain elements and certain types of alloys. HH-LIBS is well suited to rapidly measuring the low atomic number elements like the alkaline (Li, Na, etc.) and alkaline-earth metals (Be, Mg, etc.) but are not well suited to measuring high atomic number elements such as the refractory elements (Nb, Mo, W, etc.). HH-XRF on the other hand, is well suited to measuring high atomic number elements but not well suited at measuring low atomic number elements like Mg, Al, Si. This makes HH-LIBS the ideal technique for measuring light alloys such as Mg, Al and Ti alloys while HH-XRF is the ideal technique for measuring standard alloys like stainless steel, high temperature alloys and the like.

Applications Include:
Metal sorting and valuation
Fingerprint ID
Positive Material Identification (PMI)
Light element capability
Li, Be, Mg, Al, Si

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