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Optical Emission spectrometer (OES)the ideal device for metal materials analysis!
   Cast iron factory, steel, copper, aluminum and other metal production factory manufacturing and automotive, aviation, household appliances industry and various manufacturing enterprises and inspection companies, contract laboratory and metal recycling companies are using spark direct reading spectrometer in the production process and quality control process.
   Spark direct reading spectrometer is an instrument for rapid analysis of quantitative analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous metal components. This instrument is widely used in metallurgy, machinery and other industries, product inspection for smelting furnace before the online analysis and center laboratory, is one of the effective means to control the quality of products.
   Spark direct reading spectrometer is the product inspection for smelting furnace before the online analysis and center laboratory, is one of the effective means to control the quality of products. Spark direct reading spectrometer (with arc or spark) high temperature makes the elements in samples from solid direct gasification and are excited and emit the characteristic wavelength of each element, with grating, become by wavelength arrangement "spectrum", the characteristic spectral lines of these elements through the exit slit, into their respective photomultiplier tube, a light signal into an electrical signal, the control instrument measuring system will signal integration and analog / digital conversion, and then processed by the computer, and print out the percent content of each element.
   Spark direct reading spectrometer is a kind of chemical element fast analysis instrument, the light source is a low voltage DC fast spark light source. The whole instrument structure, optical system, electrical system, analysis software and electromagnetic compatibility etc, are fully taken into account the user site needs, through continuous research, experiment, optimization and come, make the performance index can meet the requirement of long-term use of the user site.
   Spark station through a special design with light hole to avoid strong background source, ensure the window aperture in the best analysis area; low argon consumption, argon smooth airflow, ensure good light stability at the same time save argon consumption; material and structure with the plate, ensure the plate with thermal stability and good mechanical stability, thus improving the precision instrument analysis; sample through the pressure rod supports to avoid light leakage, leakage, pressure bar height adjustable; the bowl shaped design special can be accumulated dust, so that the excitation chamber cleaning more convenient, at the same time reduces the excitation chamber volume, thereby reducing the argon consumption; excitation table has stable mechanical structure and the heat capacity of the sample, make frequent the excitation analysis, the analysis of data has good stability.
   Application industries: metallurgy, casting, forging, mechanical manufacturing, valve, pipe fittings, pressure container, automobile parts, railway, ship, aviation, scrap metal recycling, testing agencies, research institutions, contract laboratory
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