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Spark Plasma Sintering
With the development of high and new technology industry, the types and demands of new materials, especially new functional materials, are increasing.
Spark plasma sintering (Spark Plasma Sintering, referred to as SPS) is a new technique for the preparation of functional materials, it has fast heating speed, short sintering time, structure controllable, energy saving and environmental protection and other distinctive characteristics, which can be used in the preparation of metal materials, ceramic materials, composite materials, can also be used for the preparation of nano bulk materials amorphous bulk materials, gradient materials etc..
application area
SPS devices provide the possibility for the manufacture of very special new materials, such as,
1 the nano materials can be sintered under the condition of no significant growth of grains
2 functionally gradient material
3 Composites
4 tungsten carbide or other hard materials
5 structural ceramics and functional ceramics
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