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Rarecells@Diagnostics by cell biology and oncology Professor Patrizia Paterlini brechot in 2010 to create. The purpose is to let the other research team and the patient can use their team of science and technology development results. Rarecells@Diagnostics's core products are patented ISET@ (separation of tumor / trophoblast cell size) technology.
Rarecells@Diagnostics has exclusive patent licensing of the French public institution, Paris Cartesian University, Paris public hospital relief agencies and INSERM. The technology of Rarecells@ device and material and the separation of cell by Rarecells@ system are all protected by patent..
Rarecells@Diagnostics is a science driven company. We are scientific researchers, serving researchers and patients. We want to bring the gospel to the patient. Our team produces high quality products, provides high level of scientific assistance, and achieves good customer satisfaction..
Rarecells@ and ISET@ are registered trademarks of Rarecells company.
ISET@ technology uses 30 patent parameters, these parameters for the work performance is very important. Other systems are not used
These parameters include other filtering based systems.
Rarecells@ system posted IVD CE- tags.
Specified purpose:
The Rarecells@ system is used to extract the rare circulating tumor cells and micro thrombus from the blood, and has a very high sensitivity.
Degree, while keeping the morphology and structure of the cells intact.
Rarecells@ system itself does not detect markers, nor into the line test.
Rarecells@ system is not used for self diagnosis.
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