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      Mahr Measuring Group is one of the world's three manufacturers. Mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of precision measuring instruments. Products from the most common to complex calipers to optical coordinate measuring instrument, measurement accuracy of the order of nanometers. "Mahr" The name has long been associated with industrial instrument, quality and innovation. In addition to high-quality measuring instruments outside, Mahr also has DKD laboratories under the PTB, to provide customers with a complete solution for precision measuring instruments and calibration services. Mahr's products are also involved in the textile industry for precision spinning pump is widely used in the field of machinery manufacturing precision ball bearing guides and so on. Mahr from major customers in the automotive industry, industrial automation, mechanical engineering industry and optical electronics industries. Mahr its hundred years of professional production techniques and better quality control, as companies around the world continue to provide the highest level of measurement instruments, a world-leading precision instruments, to provide you with the best measurement solutions.

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