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ISET circulating tumor cell capture
ISET@ Technology (tumor cell size separation) is a simple and easy method, provided by Diagnostics Rarecells. The system (equipment and consumables) very high sensitivity, can extract content rare circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and circulating tumor thrombus (CTM) from the blood, while preserving the morphology and structure intact. The intact CTC/CTM for further in vitro diagnostic tests (e.g. cell pathology and / or immune markers, genetic and molecular analysis of DNA and RNA and other identification methods).
The principle of ISET@ is based on the fact that blood cells are the smallest cells in the human body.. By the patented filtration process, ISET@ can be separated from CTC because CTC is higher than other blood cells (according to the diagnostic criteria of cellular pathology), and has nothing to do with the antigen expressed. Isolated CTC intact.
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