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Gear measurement
   In order to correct measurement and evaluation of the quality of the products, gear measuring instrument usually should be in accordance with the Chinese national standard GB/T10095-2001 (equivalent to ISO1328:1997) precision accuracy evaluation method of project, by the provisions of the involute cylindrical gear accuracy standards and specified tolerances, fast, efficient, reliable measurement of tooth wheel products. Because of the market (such as the automotive industry) on gear measuring continuously put forward new and higher requirements, so the gear measuring accuracy project should also continue to develop, the gear measuring instruments should be innovative, and make the measurement function strengthens continuously, in order to meet the new requirements.
   Gear measuring instrument is usually composed of mainframe, coordinate or displacement sensor, measuring head device, measuring carriage numerical control drive system, measurement system of electrical device and interface, the main part and computer etc.. As the key of precision parts production specialization, standardization, modularization, especially the development of information technology, computer technology, precision machinery manufacturing technology and precision measurement technology, promote the research and development of gear measurement instrument. The development of new control software and measurement software is more important.
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