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Environmental protection
   Environmental protection referred to environmental protection. Environmental protection (environmental protection) involves a wide range, strong comprehensive nature, it involves many areas of natural science and social science, and its unique research object.
   Including environmental protection: take the administrative, legal, economic, science and technology, folk spontaneous organizations of environmental protection, rational use of natural resources, prevent environmental pollution and damage to the natural environment, humanistic environment, economic environment together with the balance between sustainable development, reproduction and expansion of useful resources, ensure the development of the society.
  With the in-depth understanding of human on the environment, the environment is a resource view, more and more people accept. Air, water, soil, mineral resources, etc., are all social natural wealth and the development of production material foundation, constitute the elements of productive forces. Because of the serious air pollution, foreign had canned air sale; due to water pollution, climate change, groundwater extraction over, appeared in many places of the world water shortage; because the population explosion, abuse of farmland, land desertification, land scarcity makes etc.. From this we can see, not Protect environment, not Protect environment resources, threaten the survival of human society, but also related to the national economy can develop continuously.
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