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Metal casting industry
   Metal casting (metal casting) is the metal melting in compliance with the requirements of the certain liquid and poured into the mold, the cooling solidification, cleaning after processing a predetermined shape, size and performance of the casting process. Casting embryo because almost forming, and achieve free machining or a small amount of processing to reduce the cost and decrease the degree of time. Casting is one of the basic technology of modern machinery manufacturing industry.
Metal casting used kinds of modeling method is divided into:
1 ordinary sand casting, including wet sand, dry sand and chemical sclerosis sand 3 kinds.
2 special casting, special casting materials according to the model and can be divided into natural mineral sand as the main form of material (such as casting, mud casting, casting workshop, shell casting negative pressure casting, EPC, ceramic casting, etc.) with special casting and metal as the main cast material (such as metal type casting, pressure casting, continuous casting, low pressure casting, centrifugal casting, etc.) two class.
Usually consists of metal casting technique:
1 cast (liquid metal become solid casting container) preparation, mould according to the material used can be divided into sand, metal, ceramic, mud type, graphite type, according to the frequency of use can be divided into disposable type, semi permanent and permanent type, mold preparation quality are the main factors that influence the quality of castings;
Melting and casting 2 metal casting, metal casting (cast alloy cast iron, cast steel and) the main cast nonferrous alloys;
3 casting processing and inspection, casting processing includes removal of core and the casting surface foreign bodies, riser, resection of relief grinding burrs and fash protrusions and heat treatment, plastic, anti rust and rough machining etc..
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