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Scrap metal recycling industry

   Metal products used in the process of replacement of old and new phenomenon is inevitable, because of corrosion, metal product damage and natural selection, there are a large number of scrap metal are produced every year. If carelessly discarded these scrap metal, not only causes environmental pollution, and waste metal resources limited.
   Scrap metal as a renewable resource, mineral resource shortage in the background, the status of the increasingly prominent. Although our country vast expanse, but non-ferrous metal resources are not rich enough, need to import to meet the economic development. At the same time, the use of China's metal scrap rate is relatively low, with all kinds of scrap metal recycling technology level unceasing enhancement, the use of scrap metal rate will steadily improve. "Eleven five" period, Communist China's crude steel 15.4 tons, consumption of 2.39 tonnes of scrap for steel production, 21%, meaning that 21% of steel is scrap steel smelting, while the world average level of 40% to 50%, the gap is large, implies that the application potential of scrap resources in China is still very great.
   Most of the metal world can to regenerate the metal in the form of recycling metal recycling industry, industrial developed countries with large scale, high ratio of recycled metal recycling. Due to strong market demand, the development of China nonferrous metal industry make a spurt of progress, Chinese has become a big country of world nonferrous metal production and consumption, renewable metals industry in the world has Chinese regeneration status of metal industry development play a decisive role in the.
   The Ag gold Au silver, arsenic, bismuth chromium As, Bi, Cr, Co, Cu of cobalt, copper, iron, Fe Hf In, hafnium, indium, molybdenum manganese iridium Ir, Mo, Mn, Nb Nb Ni nickel, palladium, platinum Pt Pd, Pb Se, Pb, Se, Sn Sn Sb, antimony, thallium Ta Ti V, titanium, vanadium, yttrium tungsten W, Y, Zn of zinc, magnesium, aluminum zirconium Zr, Mg Al, Si, P elements such as phosphorus silicon. Metal / alloy plate, wire rod, ball type, particle, powder, particle, soil, slag, ore, coating, weld, pipe, plastic, circuit boards, paste, liquid etc..

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