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Analysis of Precious Metals

   The precious metal is silver and platinum group metals (including gold, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium, platinum) and other 8 kinds of products of elements. Most of these metals have a beautiful color, of chemical resistance is quite large, not easily under ordinary conditions cause a chemical reaction.
Any method for nondestructive detection method for gold, silver, platinum jewelry are not omnipotent, are limited, so there must be close cooperation of various methods, we can draw a correct conclusion. For example, once detected a hollow heart-shaped Pei, determination of Au=996% of the surface X fluorescence spectrometry, and the inner determination of Au=950%.
   Gold, silver, platinum and gold, pure homogeneous non uniform gold, K gold can effectively determine the test before, must have national standards for calibration, the standard differential to small, in order to maintain the accuracy of the tests. The samples in the excitation of primary X ray, two characteristic X ray respective generated for each element (Ying Guang) radiation. Excitation in the definite condition, the fluorescence radiation intensity on the cover element content in the sample was directly proportional to. By means of fluorescence radiation intensity measurement of each element, and by the computer according to certain mathematical model calculation, we can calculate the content of each element in the jewelry in the. Measurements before and after, ornament structure, composition and shape are not changed, the detection for nondestructive testing.

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