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Ore Analysis

   Instant by X ray radiation produced an instrument for fluorescence analysis, X ray fluorescence analysis on elements in ores and content.
   Rock is a mixture of solid minerals and mineral, usually composed of calcium, magnesium, sodium, such as aluminum, barium, iron, zinc and other elements. Most ore through the instrument testing can be effective components. Some ore mineral quantity to be extracted from the lower, by a simple test to determine the content of, this needs analysis method with high precision.
The advantages of instrument analysis
1, the rapid survey a large range of mining area, the effective measurement of zone model, drawing the mine map, real-time survey.
In 2, abnormal situation, do the coal rich zone is preferred.
3, the site fast tracking mineralization anomalies, and effectively find "hot" areas, ore bodies.
4, the milling head, concentrate and slag precise analysis, to establish a highly efficient mining and enrichment process.
5, determine the direction and content of abnormal ore belt, ore mining, avoid mistakes.
Grade 6, high grade, evaluation of selected mineral accurate, provide mineral acquisition, acquisition value basis.
7, the residual slag, tailings of ore elements analysis, to determine its value again.
8, in the process of ore mining, boring, grinding, concentration and smelting process of product inspection, determine the grade, analysis on filter of molten pool, storage pond and steel tank solution.
9, power equipment, pipeline, production line maintenance, analysis of trace metal equipment lubricating oils in wear condition, to determine the equipment.
10, water pollution, wastewater pollution, pollution model in metal components, pollution boundary rapid investigation and measurement.
11, site monitoring RCRA involved metal and metal pollution priority control.
Provide a theoretical basis for on-site analysis of 12, the original land, polluted water, wastewater, and other harmful substances and to minimize the disposal processing of pollution control, the remedial method of depth.

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