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Soil Analysis

   The main content is various measuring soil chemical composition and some properties. The project determination of common are: total contents of soil mineral determination (content determination of silicon, aluminum, iron, manganese, titanium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, silicon, aluminium) activity in soil, iron, manganese content determination, the determination of soil total nitrogen, total phosphorus and total potassium content, soil available nutrients (ammonium nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, available phosphorus and potassium) determination of content, the content of trace elements in soil available trace elements (iron, manganese and boron, copper, zinc and molybdenum,) determination, determination of the content of soil organic matter, and soil pH, cation exchange capacity of soil, soil exchangeable salt medium determination of components etc.. The total contents of soil mineral, organic matter content, total nitrogen, available nutrient content, soil pH, cation exchange capacity and exchangeable base composition must be measured project, so that the routine analysis of soil. Other projects can be based on the analysis to the determination of choice. Soil test rise in twentieth Century 30 ~ 40 years, can also be included in the category of soil chemical analysis.
   Soil analysis has a great influence on the development of soil science. As early as in the middle of the nineteenth Century, the German chemist J.von Li Bixi will be the application of classical chemical methods for soil and plant analysis, according to the measured results, put forward the theory of mineral nutrition of plants and return theory, greatly promoting the development of soil science. In more than 100 years later, methods of soil analysis of the growing number of. To twentieth Century the end of the 50's, analytical instruments were used in many automated, semi automated analysis of soil. At present, various chemical and physical sensors and electronic computer and telemetry device also has been gradually applied, soil analysis is entering a new period of development.

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