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Solar cells

   Solar cell is divided into single cell and multi crystal cell sheet.

   Production process of solar cell slice into wafer inspection -- texturing and pickling -- diffusion for node -- to phosphorus silicon glass -- plasma etching and acid -- plating antireflection film -- screen printing -- rapid sintering etc.. Detailed introduction is as follows:
   The silicon chip is a carrier film solar cells, silicon quality directly determines the solar cell conversion efficiency level, so it is necessary to detect the incoming wafer. This procedure is mainly used to some technological parameters on silicon wafer on-line measurement, these parameters include the silicon wafer surface roughness, minority carrier lifetime, resistivity, P/N and micro cracks. The set of equipment of automatic feeding, wafer transfer, system integration and the four detection module. The photovoltaic wafer tester, the wafer surface roughness were detected at the same time, the size and the diagonal appearance parameter detection of silicon; micro crack detection module used for detecting silicon micro cracks; the other two detection module, wherein an online test module to test wafer bulk resistivity and wafer type, another module is used for detecting wafer minority carrier lifetime. Before the minority carrier lifetime and resistivity detection, need to first diagonal, of silicon micro crack detection, and automatic elimination of damaged silicon. Wafer inspection device capable of automatically loaded and unloaded piece, and can put the nonconforming products in a fixed position, so as to improve the inspection accuracy and efficiency.
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