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Solar film detection

   The film is a transparent sheet of thin and soft. Made of plastics, adhesives, rubber or other materials. Polyester film for interpretation of Science: composed of atoms, molecules or ions of 2 dimensional material deposition and substrate surface formation. Example: the optical thin film, composite film, superconducting thin film, polyester film, nylon film, plastic film and so on. The film is widely used in electronic and electrical appliances, machinery, printing and other industries.
Film classification
   There is no uniform provisions of cultivar classification of film. The following three types of classification usually people habit:
1 according to the film forming materials used classification: polyethylene film, polypropylene film, PVC film and polyester film.
2 according to the film uses classification: agricultural film; packaging film and used in special environment, breathable film with a special use, water soluble film and piezoelectric properties of thin films etc..
3 according to the molding method of film classification: plastic extruding, then blow molding film, called the blown film; the plastic extruding, then melt film from the mouth mould casting molding, known as the cast film; in calender by a few roller rolling thin film made of plastic material, called the calendering film.

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