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The thickness of coating

   Metallic and oxide coatings thickness testing surface detection materials testing of coating thickness. The detection metho. The detection method has 1 Jin Xiangfa 2 Coulomb method X-ray method 3.
The X-ray method:
   Applicable to the determination of electroplating and electronic circuit boards and other industries need to cover the analysis of metal layer thickness. Including: gold (Au), silver (Ag), tin (Sn), copper (Cu), nickel (Ni), chromium (Cr) and other metal elements thickness.
   The measurement method can be used to measure simultaneously the three covering layer system, or simultaneous measurement of thickness and composition of the three layer component.
   Determination of X-ray spectroscopic methods cover thickness is the interaction of an intense and narrow multicolor X ray and the basal body and the cover layer based on. The two radiation this interaction produces discrete wavelength and energy, these two radiation has a cover feature layer and matrix element. Coatings measurement of mass per unit area (if the density is known, the covering layer linear thickness) and there is a certain relationship between the two radiation intensity. The relationship between the first by the coating quality known unit area calibration standard block correction determination. If the density of known cover materials, and give the actual density, such standard block can give linear thickness of covering layer.

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